Sub*T creates vintage look in new music video for “That Kind Of Night”


Sub*T put out a new music video for their song “That Kind Of Night.” Sub*T was created out of a love of music. Jade Alcantara and Grace Bennett began writing music post-pandemic and long-distance. The duo began their writing process through a combination of voice memos and texting. 

Vintage video tapes flash and pop throughout the music video, which follows both girls as they explore New York to document their findings. The duo edited the video themselves and experimented with freezing, speeding up, and all around messing with the film to get the desired effect. This jerky and disorienting editing style is used to emulate the message of the song — the band says, “you can always run situations and unasked questions back in your mind or focus on things for a little too long.”

This song is a blend of indie instrumentals and grunge lyrics that provide a calm yet danceable atmosphere. “That Kind Of Night” will be available on Sub*T’s upcoming EP, Spring Skin, from If This Then Records later this year. 

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James Wieners
James Wieners
James Wieners is currently studying Journalism in Chicago. When he's not writing and/or listening to music, he's showing off the beautiful city of Chicago to tourists from around the world as a tour guide.

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