Francisco Martin sets a dreamscape in “Angel in disguise”


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We’re all a little infatuated with love sometimes. It’s big, loud and all-consuming. Even in our darkest moments, we gravitate toward those who seem to evoke feelings of goodness. Francisco Martin revisits his singer-songwriter roots and dreamy pop style with the release of his latest single, “Angel in disguise.” He teased the track on his social media accounts following his indie-alt track, “Jekyll N Hyde,” just two months prior.

Composed by Francisco and his sister, Joanna, “Angel in disguise” includes an overflow of synths and a dreamy atmosphere. Martin’s velvety smooth vocals are prominent, especially highlighting his lower register in verses like, “I’m not making it a habit to hurt you / I just want to be the man that you turn to.”

The song dives deep into Martin’s lyricism, depicting a romantic relationship filled with serious infatuation and love. Lines like “I’m so deep in your atmosphere / How lovely to be in your reach,” feature deep imagery and portray Martin’s complete immersion in the presence and influence of someone he loves.

While he remains keenly devoted and committed, there’s an undeniable emotional and physical intensity associated with his words. His vocals travel registers, conveying the ethereal nature of the track. “And she’s sending shivers down my own spine / Like an angel disguise.” 

The song concludes with a playful alt-R&B outro that seamlessly interweaves throughout the song, adding a dynamic touch to Martin’s search for love and longing. 

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