The unique fever dream of Muo Duo’s “Highlights”


Muo Duo - "Highlights"

Don’t we all love to go out on a Friday night? Muo Duo’s “Highlights” gives merely a taste into this unique feverish extravaganza. 

Sibling duo Muo Duo (Miles and Winter Donnelly), known for defying the typical genre sounds, with the success of their EPs, Tasting Menu and Afterpop, which featured the song “Bunny Song,” are based in New York but found inspiration in the mountain state of Vermont during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Highlights” comes after the release of their February 9 single, “Exciting Times,” which provided a snapshot into the culture of 2024. 

“Highlights” continues to establish their fusion of alt-pop, indie and hip-hop, the opening of the song hits you immediately, with a unique take on the genre blend.

“Our new Indie-Pop joyride, “Highlights,” is an off the wall experience simply describing going out on a Friday night. The bass heavy, vibey fever dream features lyrics about flying saucers, alien apes, blue goo, and hot takes. Showing a grittier side of our indie pop sound, this track mixes influences to take the feeling to the next level. It’s really like nothing you have heard before.”

Their upcoming music is a journey of isolation that has transformed into this ultra-powerful side of music. With their upcoming EP, The Muo Theory, Muo Duo offers a fresh take on the alt-pop and hip-hop genres, with “Highlights” serving as a refreshing “highlight” in their discography.

Keep up with Muo Duo: Instagram // X // TikTok // Website


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