Muo Duo’s New Single Reflects on the “Exciting Times” We’re Living in


New York-based band Muo Duo has just released their quirky new single “Exciting Times”, confronting what it’s like to navigate life here and now in 2024. This is the first offering from the first of three EPs the sibling duo, consisting of Miles and Winter Donnelly, will release in the near future. Muo Duo elaborates on the inspiration for the song:

“This indie pop rock joint attempts to capture a snapshot of the culture in 2024. The insecurity of existing and trying to make connections that feel real in the world. The struggle of getting out of your own head. Will anyone like us if we are truly ourselves?? And in the midst of all these internal struggles, everything seems like it is moving so fast around us. We’re living exciting lives, whether we like it or not. We really are living in ‘Exciting Times’.”

The track begins with a sunny guitar and upbeat drums before the lyrics “livin’ exciting” usher in some quirky synths. The first verse showcases how well Miles’ and Winter’s voices work together as they describe how fleeting the present day feels. We explode into the chorus with a heavy drum intro. This is where we first hear the title lyrics “exciting times”, emphasized by drum hits and followed by an expression of how chaotic life feels in this day and age.

The second verse lets the lyrics take center stage, underscored by just a groovy bass and minimal drums. The next chorus changes up the lyrics to further emphasize the the chaos of life, with only “exciting times” and “exciting lives” remaining consistent. An instrumental solo follows, allowing the listener to groove along to the music while digesting the message.

After the bridge, the next chorus is the most intense yet. The lyrics change yet again to reflect the progression of meeting a stranger on a night out. The internal struggle of how to make real connections is indicated in the lyrics “you look beautiful but I don’t know how to tell you”.

The end of the song is punctuated by drum crashes and a catchy yet insistent rhythm of synths. It’s no coincidence that the final chorus ends with the words “I’d like to stay” before another powerful instrumental solo. To finish it off, the music calms down again, returning to the quirky simplicity that was present at the beginning of the track.

In “Exciting Times”, Muo Duo takes us on a journey, perfectly lyrically described and accentuated by the way the music subtly gains power throughout the entire track. The song culminates in the words “I’d like to stay”, a reflection of Muo Duo’s desire to slow down and stay fully present in the moment despite all the turmoil in the world. This is a sentiment that listeners everywhere will relate to, as these are fast and ever-changing times.

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