The Mighty Ben Powers’ latest single is an ode to “Quincy Jones”


The Mighty Ben Powers - "Quincy Jones"

Feeling the urge to dance? Especially when Quincy Jones is in the mix.

The latest single, “Quincy Jones,” by The Mighty Ben Powers has just been released. Ben Powers, a German artist and producer, acquired his name after being bitten by a radioactive golden retriever, transforming him into The Mighty Ben Powers. Following his initial singles, “Ghost,” “I Don’t Know” and “Shakti,” his newest release “Quincy Jones” takes center stage now.

In this track, Powers draws parallels between deep admiration and love for someone and the music of Jones, a highly regarded musician, composer and producer known for his work in genres like jazz, pop and R&B. The song opens with Powers saying that “You’re like the music of Quincy Jones / When I think of you, you gonna move my bones.” Powers find their love intoxicating, similar to the captivating melodies of Jones’ music.

That is, before boasting in the song’s chorus with bright and emotive melodies and hearts that evoke an exciting and fun element to the song. He sings, “You’re like music of / Quincy Jones / Oh Fly Me To The Moon / All over melting stones / When you love me.” Powers’ references to specific Jones songs, such as “Fly Me To The Moon,” “Summer In The City” and “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” add to the overall comparison.

In the end, “Quincy Jones” aims to celebrate love’s intense feelings and impact with seamless melodies and vibrant production accompanied by the emotional parallels of Jones’ music.

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