Muo Duo goes down a dreamy rabbit hole in “Bunny Song”


Credit: Christina Turino

New York based alt-pop band Muo Duo has just released their latest single, “Bunny Song”, alongside their brand new EP, Afterpop. The brother-sister duo, comprised of Miles and Winter Donnelly, has created a genre-bending cocktail that goes from dream pop to hip hop, with a heavy dose of Beatleseque nostalgia that makes for a vibrant listening experience.

“Bunny Song” is a dreamy track that evokes an ethereal feel, with a soft sound that feels like walking on a cloud. The pleasant mix of Miles and Winter’s vocals create a complex atmosphere, grounded by a joyful blend of guitars and electronic elements. It’s fresh and exciting, inviting the listener to pay close attention not just to the music, but the storytelling.

With a whimsical vibe, Muo Duo lovingly reminisces about a long lost connection. As it tackles with deep emotions, the song turns into a fantastical tale that takes on a life of its own, yet it always comes back to the dream girl that’s no longer around. “On ‘Bunny Song’ we wanted to tell an Alice In Wonderland-like story that captures the emotional weight of love and loss”, explains Miles. “It’s a fantastical indie pop finale that feels like a cross between “Hey Jude” and everything that has come from it since.”

“Bunny Song” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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