The Haunt’s “Can People Really Change?” confronts the pain of toxic relationships


Credit: Ikigai Foto

Rock and roll duo The Haunt is back with their newest single, “Can People Really Change?”, in an explosive collaboration with electronic alt duo MISSIO.

“Can People Really Change?” focuses on an all too relatable predicament: being stuck in an unhealthy relationship, wondering if the toxic patterns can ever shift. With emotional vocals and hectic melodies, the track fully encapsulates the feelings of frustration that come from hitting the same wall over and over; when promises are broken and nothing changes, we reach our breaking point. The song delves into this epiphany, where moving on is the only possible option.

The raw emotions conveyed in the lyrics go hand in hand with the heavy riffs, electronic distortions and aggressive howling. The Haunt and MISSIO manage to create an unsettling atmosphere that is filled with tension; the constant highs and lows bring a sense of chaos. As the song progresses, we can feel the anger just as much as the inevitable demise of a dead-end relationship. “Can People Really Change?” goes deep into our emotions and brings back to the surface the universal feelings of heartbreak, something we have all experienced. It is vulnerable, eye-opening, and incredibly cathartic.

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