Francisco Martin releases a new single “Narcissist”


To celebrate the release of his new EP Manic, alt-rock songwriter Francisco Martin has released a new single and visualizer for the track “Narcissist”. The artist first shot to fame in American Idol season 18 in 2020 where he placed in the Top 5. His heart-on-sleeve soulful pop has garnered favourable comparisons to songwriter artists such as James Bay, John Mayer, Maggie Rogers, and Ed Sheeran. To date, Francisco has released multiple hit singles, including “Swollen,” which has amassed close to 8 million streams across all digital streaming platforms.

The release bursts with dynamic musicality, with a side of grungy aggression and soulful serenity. Francisco bravely shares his personal reflections on mental health, relationships, angst, and human disconnection in the age of connection throughout his entire Manic EP. While speaking about his new track “Narcissist” Francisco said,

“Narcissist is based on a character that I’m all too familiar with, it shares thoughts and feelings I have during some of my “manic” moments. When you’re in a manic episode, you feel like the world is all about you. We crave the idea of being ‘liked by everyone. It’s great that our generation is living in the age of the Internet, but it distorts our reality of who we are and how people perceive us. It’s a song about today’s social climate and how it affects normal everyday people. Me singing about being a narcissist isn’t literal, it’s a metaphorical symbol of our generation and how we can turn to narcissistic tendencies when we’re not taken care of and don’t feel like we get the love we deserve, because at the end of the day, ‘who doesn’t want to be loved?’”

The new single is accompanied by a captivating music video, which finds Francisco reflecting on his own ‘manic’ moments: 

Martin is currently touring the country in support of The Score and Dreamers and performing material off of the Manic EP. For more information and to purchase tickets click here

Keep up with Francisco Martin: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website


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