BIZZY shares timeless anxieties and doubts on “When It Ends”


Whether you feel like screaming, crying, or laughing, BIZZY will always have your back. The Nashville-based alt-pop artist crafts music from her heart, her sincere and expansive stories offering listeners what they need to hear. After signing her first record deal and embarking on her debut US tour last year, BIZZY also released her debut EP, I Don’t Get Breakups. The EP featured hit songs like “Just Yet” and “Spinach In My Teeth,” which prompted Ones To Watch to praise BIZZY for her “plying stories of teeth-clutching realism with melodic pop bouquets.” With so much ahead of her, BIZZY can’t help but feel fearful for who or what she may lose in her rise. She shares these thoughts on her new single, “When It Ends.”

Containing the anxieties and doubts that arise when navigating the world at a young age, “When It Ends” is a diaristic coming-of-age anthem. Throughout the track, BIZZY searches for her purpose and questions which relationships will stay with her on this journey through life. Considerably, she sings, “I’m trying so damn hard to make it out alive / But I think I might die / I’m just a kid, so please treat me like it / I’m trying my best, do you see it?” These feelings are accompanied by a stripped-back and calm production that becomes louder and more high-stakes during the choruses, making the track a cinematic listen. In the end, BIZZY asks, “I might cry just trying to stay alive / Feels like do or die / Will you be by my side?” which is a timeless question that can follow anyone all through life.

About “When It Ends,” BIZZY shares,

“Sometimes, when things seem to be going well from an outside perspective, I find myself grappling with the overwhelming fear that all I’ve worked so hard for may vanish. ‘When It Ends’ is the fearful whisper to my loved ones, asking them if I loosen my white-knuckle grip and things hit the fan, will they still be there for me at the end?”

You can listen to “When It Ends” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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