The Heavy are distracted by a “Stone Cold Killer” on new single


We are closing in on the release of The Heavy’s new album AMEN, set to drop April 21. It feels like almost yesterday when the band announced the album and dropped its lead single, “Hurricane Coming,” so it is crazy that we are now a month away. The funk rock band kept the hype going with the follow-up single “I Feel The Love” last month, which instilled a message of prioritizing love each day. Taking a slightly new angle with their next single, The Heavy are giving us plenty to look forward to on this new album.

A song for the arena, “Stone Cold Killer” contains massive rock and roll energy that should only be experienced in a huge space. It is classic and playful, containing strong cowbell, a rough-and-tumble attitude, and an engaging guitar riff that surges throughout the track. On top of all the fun, vocalist Kelvin Swaby delivers lines like, “You’re like a stone cold killer / You’re cold as ice / You’re like a stone cold killer / You don’t think twice.” His feelings are compromised when he sings, “I’ve got my mind on my honey / I’ve got my honey on my mind,” showing the duality of the situation.

Sharing the inspiration behind the single, guitarist Dan Taylor explains,

“We got a new cat, a female Burmese. She’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but an absolute enemy of every living thing in the garden. I’m talking total and all-out destruction of robins nesting; she’s a terror to everything around her. I thought she was cute but damn, she is mean… So she’s the stone cold killer.”

You can watch as they try to escape this ferocious cat in the music video below.

You can listen to “Stone Cold Killer” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Pre-save AMEN here.

Catch The Heavy performing in the UK March 21 and 22 here. Tickets for their upcoming tours in May and September can also be found here.

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