The Heavy preach about divine passion on “I Feel The Love”


We were warned that there was a “Hurricane Coming” last month in the form of UK funk rock band The Heavy. After a four year hiatus, they came back strong with a new single, tour dates, and an album announcement. It was quite a frenzy, quite a whirlwind of music and news, but what better way to return than with a bang? Building on the hype, The Heavy are dropping “I Feel The Love,” a praise-worthy follow-up to their big return.

With “I Feel The Love,” The Heavy are channeling a spirit – a love spirit. The gospel rock tune features catchy horn toots and pensive guitar tied together with soulful vocals from frontman Kelvin Swaby, who preaches about that unexplainable feeling of love. He makes it seem as if love has crashed down upon him, singing, “I feel the love / From down below / From up above.” He even claims, “Lord, have mercy, I’m not alone!” The Heavy will surely make you get up and move with this one, if not from the song alone than from the video, which you can check out below.

Telling us more about “I Feel The Love,” Kelvin shares,

“The world feels as if it’s burning down at times and that it’s being torn apart by divisive agendas and evil personality traits. This is a solid reminder that as challenging as that is and may feel from day to day, we feel and will always believe, in Love. Always and forever.”

 “I Feel The Love” comes from The Heavy’s sixth studio album, AMEN, due for release April 21. You can pre-add/pre-save it here.

Tickets for their upcoming US shows in May and their EU + UK shows in September can be found here.

You can listen to “I Feel The Love” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Keep up with The Heavy: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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