Gabi Sklar releases “Lonely Times” from upcoming EP


When was the last time you went somewhere and felt like everyone around you was living in the moment? I have trouble coming up with an answer, and most likely, I’m not the only one. These past few years, it’s been very rare to be out and about and not find someone looking down into their phone or tablet. I’ll be in a waiting room, at a concert, at the movies, and instead of seeing people actively engaged with others around them, they are actively scrolling through their newsfeed. The vibe is lonely, even though there are plenty of people around. If there was a song to best describe this sensation, it would be “Lonely Times,” the new single from rising pop artist Gabi Sklar.

On “Lonely Times,” Gabi takes note of a major 21st-century problem: connection. While we are able to connect with our family and friends more than ever through the internet and social media, we are also more alone. There is a shift taking place, as the desire to live through likes and shares is slowly taking precedence over in-person conversations and experiences. On “Lonely Times,” Gabi cuts through the tight syncopated beats, finger snaps, and lighthearted doo-wop feel of the song to convey the isolation found behind-the-scenes. She sings, “How do you expect me to be the life of every single party? / Even in a crowded room, there’s nobody / These are lonely times,” wishing that others were more present. You can check it out below.

About “Lonely Times,” Gabi explains,

“I found myself feeding into my own loneliness, questioning the difference between time spent alone versus time spent lonely. These are lonely times, but ironically, we’re far from being alone. We just choose to be.”

You can listen to “Lonely Times” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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