Royals escape into their own perfect world on “Daydreamer”


Over the years, pop punk band Royals have kept it real with their energetic songs that tie into heartbreak, failure, depression, and the like. Whether the UK act are releasing these tracks on their own, as was the case with “Let Me Go” and “Home,” or with the help of their friends, which they did with Two Year Break on “Double Life” and Autumn Fires on “Circles,” they make anyone who listens feel seen and heard. With the summer in full effect, though, some of these pressures subside, replaced with more relaxed thoughts and easy-going feelings. Channeling this energy into their new single “Daydreamer,” Royals are ready to take us to a better place, one they could stay in forever.

On “Daydreamer,” we escape into a world of bright melodies, edgy drum patterns, and Luke’s signature pop punk vocals. Throughout the track, he encourages fans to break free from their confining habits and create a space they can call their own. He sings, “As I’m staring through the looking glass / Trying to forget what we had / Everything’s so clear to me / So don’t you ever try to wake me” and concludes, “Tell me that you’re here with me now,” fully enveloped in this lighter mood. You can run away into this alternative universe with Royals in the summery video below.

About “Daydreamer,” Royals share,

“Conceptually, the song is very simply about being in a good place. Everyone has a time where they desire to be away from the world, whether that’s on holiday; switching their phone off; or getting sucked into a virtual world gaming; and society tells us that we can’t do that, as we have to live in the real world. But we thought, the real world kinda sucks, right? Why can’t we just stay in our own happy bubble? And that’s where ‘Daydreamer’ was born.”

You can listen to “Daydreamer” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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