Heidrunna makes a timeless debut with ‘Melodramatic’


Recommended Tracks:  “No Valium”, “Call It Melodramatic”, “You Can Go Your Own Way”
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We were introduced to Heidrunna in September of last year when she released her vibrant debut single, “You Make Me Feel.”  Oozing with synth and colorful melodies, “You Make Me Feel” made a spectacular impression, but only scraped the surface of what was to come.  In the months that followed, the Icelandic pop artist continued to release more stunning singles that captured the best elements of 80s pop music and the pop music of today, putting Heidrunna in a prime spot to release her debut album, Melodramatic.  Telling stories of love and loss while paying homage to iconic figures in pop music, Melodramatic contains the essence of Heidrunna and all that has brought her to this point in her career.

The album begins with “Borderline,” which is only the first of a few songs about relationship problems.  Over the spunky beats and celestial production, Heidrunna contemplates whether or not to stay in a relationship, feeling as if she will lose either way.  The same type of conflict comes through on the rhythmic “Erasing You,” where she decides that cutting this person out of her life is the best decision.  When the time comes for the split, as we hear on “No Valium,” Heidrunna attempts to accept the loss without losing herself in the process.  Containing more of an indie folk vibe, the track makes for a unique moment on the album, with Heidrunna pouring her heart out over the melancholy music.

We cannot have the lows without the highs, however, and Heidrunna gives us more than a few tracks that highlight the love she has felt in her life.  On the shiny and lush “Love Don’t Come Easy,” she holds onto someone she cannot get enough of, knowing that this kind of person is hard to find.  We also have the sentimental “Daydreamer,” where Heidrunna loses herself in the memory of a romance that has come and gone.  As she tells us about an experience that “was the best time ever,” her refined vocals only add to its charm, letting us know just how close she holds this memory to her heart.

When it comes to the inspiration behind Heidrunna’s sound, her influences can be heard across Melodramatic with ease.  In regards to “You Make Me Feel,” Heidrunna mentioned that it came as a result of being “heavily into Prince” at the time.  She drew from the simplicity and honesty of his music, leading to the beguiling nature of the track.  Heidrunna gets more specific with her idols, though, on “Cindy,” which is a reference to the one and only Cyndi Lauper.  Containing an irresistible club-worthy beat and Icelandic lyrics, “Cindy” is a beautiful expression of Heidrunna’s artistry, fusing her heritage and favorite elements of pop music into one.

All in all, Melodramatic is nothing short of a nostalgic experience, both musically and lyrically.  While the melodies and rhythms definitely allude to an earlier time, the lyrics bring us to places that we can feel for the rest of time.  Heidrunna has made an album that perfectly demonstrates all that its title implies, boldly embracing the strong emotions and sensations that are reflected throughout the songs.  We all are a little melodramatic at times, but sharing these emotions with Heidrunna just makes life a little easier.

You can listen to Melodramatic on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Heidrunna:  Twitter // Facebook // Instagram


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