earth2zoe moves on from a breakup with “Amnesia”


Over the summer, electro-pop artist earth2zoe released “ok bye” and “Count on Me,” which helped to introduce her unique sound to those looking to feel less alone in this world.  Along with such moving singles, she started a campaign with Plan International Canada, doing what she can to make a difference.  Overall, she raised over $5.3K for the organization and capped off the campaign with a special live show at Supermarket Toronto a few weeks ago.  As she continues to take the world by storm, earth2zoe is releasing “Amnesia” to ease the pain for those going through a rough breakup.

A catchy breakup banger, “Amnesia” uses biting pop choruses and sleek beats to get over someone.  As earth2zoe attempts to cast her ex out of her life, she gives us lines like, “Stop, don’t come any closer / You won’t get any closure / I wish that I could just forget ya / I wish that I never met ya.”  It all leads up to her final request where she begs, “Don’t give me lies / Give me amnesia.”  You can listen to it below.

About the new single, earth2zoe shares,

“‘Amnesia’ is about someone that came into your life and just turned it upside down.  The song talks about having a relationship so bad, you want no memories of it, so the least they can do is give you amnesia.” 

You can listen to “Amnesia” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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