Melanie Martinez Seeks Authenticity on New Single, ‘Fire Drill’


Summer has just begun, but things have been heating up for quite some time.  The past few months have been ablaze with controversies, injustices, and well, the pandemic.  People have shown their true colors, interesting decisions have been made, and the future of our society has been questioned.  With everything going on, Melanie Martinez could not have picked a more fitting time to release her latest single, “Fire Drill.”

In September of last year, Melanie released her sophomore album, K-12.  The album was an entertaining commentary on reality, comparing various people and situations with characters and subjects we experience in school.  These scenes were played out in the accompanying movie for the album, which stars Melanie herself.  All of the songs from the album were featured in the movie, but fans noticed that the song used during the movie’s credits, “Fire Drill,” was absent from the album.

Melanie told fans that “Fire Drill” would be released in the spring on an EP that would build on the themes from K-12.  While we are still waiting for this EP, entitled After School, we have been treated to “Fire Drill” at long last.

On “Fire Drill,” Melanie discusses the fake façade that people in our society tend to embrace.  Melanie is over all of these games that we play with each other, and wishes that we just live in the moment.  She sings, “I personally believe that everyone is fully capable of more than what they’re doing” and criticizes the people in government for being members of something hateful.  These days, it very much does seem like someone has pulled the fire alarm, and left us to deal with the resulting chaos.  You can check out the track below.

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