BIZZY tackles the intricacies of dating on “My Age”


You are about to make a new best friend, whether you want to or not. She can be a little bit of a “hot mess,” but she also has the incredible songwriting and performance qualities of artists like Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Who is she, exactly? She’s self-proclaimed hype girl and indie pop artist BIZZY. Before she even released her first official single, the world wanted to be BIZZY’s friend. Last year, she posted a clip of what would later be her debut single, “Anybody,” on TikTok, where it received over 10 million views and 30K pre-saves. Now, just over a year later, BIZZY has released a handful of other witty pop singles to her over 160K monthly listeners and has performed at notable venues in Nashville, LA, and London. Always ready to say what others are thinking, she is indulging fans in her latest single, “My Age,” which tackles the intricacies of dating in your early 20s.

On “My Age,” BIZZY acknowledges a loving relationship she is in, but she can’t seem to shake off one particular concern she has about her partner. She sings, “You’ve been on this Earth so much longer than me / When I sit across the table, I wonder what you see” and “You make us reservations and know all about wine / You talk to me for hours about French colonial times / And I don’t have to wonder ‘cause I know you’ll always call / Ask me on another date like you almost have withdrawal,” overthinking the state of their relationship. In the end, she can no longer avoid the question and asks, “Would you have wanted me at my age? / Seen me in the same way? / Would you still be a safe place? / Tell me!” It’s a gritty alt-rock anthem about the dating age-gap, filled with distortion, rousing choruses, and danceable melodies, turning it into a cathartic and exciting release. You can check it out below.

Giving us more details on “My Age,” BIZZY shares,

“At 24, it feels like we’re all trying to figure out who we want our person to be. This song is a reminder to not be scared to ask the questions that will help you figure that out. All of my songs are inspired by my real experiences – down to the gritty details. I like singing my truth because I can easily get on stage and sing about someone else’s experience, but I’m going to scream it and feel it in my soul if I’m singing about mine.”

You can listen to “My Age” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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