13 New Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist


Fall is in the air, which means that artists are going to start dropping some festive new tracks for the holidays!  First up, Halloween.

For anyone who hates hearing the same old Halloween songs this time of year, this is for you!  All October long, we have been gifted with fresh, new songs that celebrate the spooky holiday, ranging from slightly scary to straight-up haunting.  While most of these tracks are not exactly Halloween-related, they do have lyrics and vibes that tie into the holiday, so you can put them into your regular playlists once Halloween ends.  Enjoy!

1.)  Bishop Briggs – “JEKYLL & HIDE”

Relationships are complicated, especially when that person transforms into someone you don’t like.  They seem to go into hiding, or “hyde”-ing, and you are left trying to find the real person within.

2.)  Third Eye Blind (feat. Alexis Krauss) – “Screamer”

This one might not sound scary – I actually really love its energy – but it does focus on screaming, which can be scary.

3.)  PVRIS – “Nightmare”

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who messes up so bad, that you have no choice but to become their worst nightmare?  Listen to the audio here.

4.)  Au/Ra, Alan Walker – “Ghost”

It isn’t every day that the term, “stranger things,” is used in a song!  You can check it out here.

5.)  Krewella – “Ghost”

The last track was about feeling as isolated as a ghost, but this track focuses on being just as powerful and elusive as one.

6.)  Simple Creatures – “The Wolf”

The guys in Simple Creatures embrace the “creature” aspect of their identity in this devious jam.  You can listen to it here.

7.)  Danny Gonzalez – “Spooky Ho”

What is Halloween without a little mischief?

8.)  Jenna Lotti – “Ghosts”

It can be hard, but sometimes the best way to deal with your fears is to embrace them…  Listen to it here.

9.)  American Gentleman – “Ghosts”

…and then sometimes, those fears embrace you.  Check it out here.

10.)  Weathers – “Lonely Vampire”

It’s kind of like Alessia Cara’s “Here,” but for when you go to Halloween parties.

11.)  Bohnes – “So Pissed”

Guessing from the title, you might think that this is going to be an angry track.  However, this is a little optimistic, as Bohnes is using the concept of death and dying as motivation to live.

12.)  Jax Anderson – “Scared To Death”

This is also very light and upbeat, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not eerie.  If you do find yourself feeling a little uneasy, you can always watch the music video – it is super playful.

13.)  Conan Gray – “Maniac”

He might still be new to the music scene, but people can’t get enough of Conan.  And, apparently, neither can some zombie-like exes.


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