BIZZY tells us about “When It Ends,” highlights from last year, and her plans for the rest of 2024


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We all would be lucky to have someone like BIZZY in our lives. As a songwriter, the indie pop artist taps into very real thoughts and feelings that make her a friend to lean on or a shoulder to cry on when needed. As a performer, she brings these songs to life, singing exactly what other people are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud. In doing so, smiles come upon the faces of those in the audience, or excited cheers from the crowd arise, letting BIZZY know that they are right there with her. As the caring person that she is, she is here to help people with her music, hoping that others will be able to get what they need from a song or two – whether it’s closure, clarity, or a moment to release whatever is going on inside. A few weeks ago, she dropped “When It Ends,” a cathartic coming-of-age anthem. It not only specified some of her fears, but it reminded listeners that we all have anxieties that make us lose our way from time to time. Coming off the release of this new single, BIZZY took the time to give us more details about the song, along with highlights from last year and what she has planned for the rest of 2024.

Congratulations on the release of your new single, “When It Ends.” It touches on that fear of losing the things you worked for and losing the support of those around you. Since it’s been out, would you say that fear has subsided a little, is it still there…? What do you think?
Yeah, I don’t even know if [by putting it out], I was looking for that fear to be subsided. I wrote that song like a year ago when things were at its peak of like, ‘Amazing, this is what I’ve dreamed of.’ It felt so much like things were in my hands, and if I messed it up, it was my fault. So, I think I’ve kind of moved away and found peace in that already. And I say this with all my songs, like every time I put a song out, it doesn’t feel like mine anymore. It’s like, ‘Okay, I wrote it for me, and now I put it out and it’s for other people.’ So, it’s been kind of a nice release of like, ‘Okay, I hope this finds the right people and meets them in the right time and gives them the comfort that it gave me.’

What did your friends and family think of it when they first heard it?
They loved it! My mom cried, which is really cute. I loved it. My manager came in when we had literally just finished it that day, and she was like, ‘Oh let me hear what you’re working on,’ and we played it for her and she cried. And it was just like, such a cool… I was really vulnerable in the writing of that song, and to see other people connect in the way that I connect with it was really awesome.

I was gonna say, a lot of people gravitate towards your songwriting. Thinking of your first single, “Anybody,” and how that went viral and it’s still one of your most popular songs to date – what do you think it is about that one that resonates with people so deeply?
I think that song’s just fun and it’s kind of what every girl or guy or anybody feels like. We all talk about our standards, and we talk about exactly the type that we want, but then at the end of the day, if you’re out at a bar and you’re like, ‘Fuck, he’s kind of cute,’ like whatever; I think it’s just saying what everybody feels but maybe won’t say out loud.

Last year was a pretty big year for you because you signed to Big Loud Rock, you went on your first US tour… With the tour, was there a certain song you loved playing live, a certain city you really liked being in…?
Yeah, so the song was “I Don’t Get Breakups,” and that had never been my favorite song to play live before. It kind of became this call and response song that just started organically with a fan screaming, “What!” in the middle of the chorus. And it just became such a fun, really anthemic kind of song to chant with the crowd. It just brought everybody together, which is really cool. I think my favorite city was Chicago. Oh. My. God. They’re so uniquely different than any other fans I’ve seen because they listen so much to the music, and there was just a different energy in Chicago. Everybody knew the lyrics to the songs, and it was just so fun. So, that one’s definitely stuck in my mind, for sure.

With your debut EP, I Don’t Get Breakups, which also came out last year, there’s a lot to explore. You talk about heartbreak and self-discovery… Was there a song on there that was harder to write than the others or was there something that came really easily for you?
Yeah, I think “Just Yet” was the hardest emotionally to write because I wrote that song alone actually a few years before I even was officially an artist. I just kind of wrote it because I needed to write it. I was going through the thick of the breakup, and it was the first time I had been home. It was just such an emotionally raw time. I wrote it as kind of like a diary entry and then ended up really liking the song, so hearing that song come to life was really healing and cool for me. Also, hearing other people be like, ‘Yeah, that one helped me through my breakup,’ was awesome to see and experience.

And you also have the “Just Yet (His Side)” version on there, too. How did that one come together and why did you want to include it with the original on the EP?
Yeah, actually, we were in the studio when we were recording the original version, and my producer put on vocals and harmonies over it to be like, ‘Oh, you should fill these in with your harmonies later.’ My manager was the one who pointed out like, ‘This sounds sick, you should make it like a guy and girl duet.’ And I was like, ‘Oh that would be so cool,’ and so we just kept that in the back of the mind. When it came time to release an EP, I wanted to do like a ‘his side, her side’ kind of vibe of like the answers that I never quite got – through that relationship, through the breakup, all the things that I wanted him to say, and his side of the story. So, that was really cool and also very healing to do.

So, I really like your music video for “I Don’t Get Breakups.”
THANKS, that one was so fun.
Something I was wondering about was where, in the beginning, you’re talking to the support group and you’re really into it – are you actually talking about a breakup there or are you just saying random stuff?
Yeah, I love this question; and yes, I am! Oh my God, during that recording, I went fucking crazy. Truly, Sam (publicist) can attest. It was like me, her, my manager, and all my best friends that were in the music video, and I remember just being like, ‘Alright guys, I’m gonna lose it, and I’m just gonna scream things about him…’ I went on a rant. And honestly, I look back at that video and I don’t know who that person was, but thank God that happened. It was just funny. Yeah, that was all real. All very much about a breakup. [Laughs]

With your EP, I was thinking about it and this famous quote comes to mind, the one that’s like, ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’ I was wondering if there were any quotes that you think of when you think about the EP?
I think the biggest one is like the ‘Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we’re never the same.’ I think that one rings true to me so much because it’s like this person left and was in my life for a certain amount of time, but he’ll always make footprints on my heart. I’ll be married and he’ll still kind of have a piece of my life that I’ll remember because it was just such a big chunk of time, and a formative and developing time.

And then I have just one last question – what’s on your agenda for the rest of the year?
Lots of new music. I feel like I’ve been cocooned and in a little bit of a writing and production space, so now I’m kind of ready to put out the music and let people hear it and see what they think! So, I’m excited! Definitely new things coming!

New things! Awesome, can’t wait to hear it all. Is there anything else you want to add, any comments?

I don’t think so. Just stream “When It Ends!”

You can listen to “When It Ends,” as well as the rest of BIZZY’s music, on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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