Weekly Roundup: March 11


Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Payson Lewis – “Slowly” It’s an invitation into Lewis’s guarded level of vulnerability. This track is raw- the production is kept light, meant to compliment and highlight the lyrics & their message. Payson’s vocals float above a piano melody and a light drum beat that’s introduced a little later in the song.
– Caroline Speer


Gabe Lopez – “High 4 U” This track is a pure shot of pop bliss, with synths that hit you like a burst of confetti and a chorus that’s so infectious, it’s practically contagious. The verses are chill, letting Lopez’s vocals shine, but when that 4-on-the-floor chorus kicks in, it’s like a rush of adrenaline. And let’s talk about those lyrics, the alliterative juxtaposition of “heaven, hell yeah” in the chorus? Incroyable.
– Kobe Henderson


Paige Valentine – “Retrograde” Valentine’s latest track will make listeners feel like they’re listening to a fairytale with its nostalgic, youthful nature. Valentine’s vivid first-person description of the runaway bandits allows listeners to tap into the characters and feel the rush of being on the run for themselves.
– Brittany Muldoon


The Mezz – “Now I Found You” The song is about a clear and straightforward love, with the group celebrating finding someone who brings joy, rejuvenates life and provides some freedom from the world’s challenges. Rather than emphasizing online personas and self-worth, The Mezz’s latest track explores synth wave and 1980s pop-inspired music.
– Clare Gehlich


Hear the rest of our staff picks on the playlist!


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