“Angel” Elevates Estella Dawn to New Heights


She has been sharing her music with the world since 2018, but it’s the last few years that have truly showcased Estella Dawn as a modern artist of significant influence. If songs like “Yes Chef” and “My Kind” grabbed your ear, let me redirect your focus to “Angel“.

Known for ignoring genre boundaries, her latest single remains true to Dawn’s innovative style. Primarily caught in the pop lane, “Angel” is alternative, flirts with rock, and has undertones of R&B influences. Dawn seamlessly moves between various musical genres, showcasing her ability to fluently “speak” multiple “languages” effortlessly in just one composition. This ability not only highlights her versatility as an artist but also her unique talent in creating a banger that transcends traditional genres.

Oh you’re a fucking sinner
Got that wandering eye
Smoking Marlboros
Out the window
Pretty face with a lost mind
Want me thinking of you
cuz that ego needs to fly
I love a shitty angel
Can I call you mine

“Angel” is intense and bold, effortlessly embedding itself in your consciousness. The chorus instantly elevates the atmosphere, exploring complex emotions tied to recognizing toxic traits in a partner.  It delves into the universally understood feelings of clinging to the pain of letdowns while also embracing the thrill of new romance.

Add this to your playlists and send to your friends so you can be “that friend” who says they heard Estella Dawn first.

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