Estella Dawn Contemplates Her Situationship in New Single “Yes Chef”


New Zealand-born, US-based pop artist Estella Dawn has just released her remarkably honest new single “Yes Chef”. This dynamic new track will resonate with any listener who has ever dealt with the uncertainty and frustration of a situationship that has the potential to become more.

“Yes Chef” starts off with a dark, dreamy vibe, featuring muffled vocals and a slow piano before Estella Dawn’s airy vocals kick in. Her voice has an edge of distortion and echo, showing listeners her vulnerable side. Electronic piano beats continue underneath, adding to the song’s pensive mood.

After this short intro, Dawn’s voice gains power and attitude as she sings “you don’t want commitment, just a good time”. Snapping is added to the instrumental repertoire, giving “Yes Chef” an extra touch of sass. From here, the track transitions seamlessly into the first chorus, with catchy drum beats picking up the pace just a little. Even with increase in energy, though, the song still exudes a somewhat dark and sultry vibe.

As the song progresses, Dawn’s voice becomes even more expressive. The bridge slows things down a bit, featuring airy background vocals that transport us back to the beginning of the track. The last chorus is strong and climactic, emphasizing both the passion and frustration she feels about the situation. You can check out the lyric video below.

The way Estella Dawn explores the dynamic of the relationship with delicacy, passion, and honesty will win the hearts of listeners across genres. With a relatable sentiment and a captivating rhythm, “Yes Chef” succeeds in blending authenticity with musical prowess. If you like this single, check out Estella Dawn’s other recent releases, “Funny Bones” and “Locked In”. 

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