Gabrielle Ornate Empowers Listeners with New Single “Enchantress of Sound”


UK-based artist Gabrielle Ornate has just graced us with her empowering new single “Enchantress of Sound”. In this track, Ornate effortlessly combines hard-hitting lyrics with haunting instrumentals to create an ethereal sound you won’t forget.

“Enchantress of Sound” starts off with a distorted and echoey intro before heavy guitars and drums come crashing in. As soon as we hear Ornate’s vocals, it’s clear that we’re in for something otherworldly. The lyrics that start us off are “I was in the ashes of the ancients” and the guitars become less pronounced to give more power to her voice. Throughout the first verse, the guitars and vocals meld together to create something even stronger.

The track gains power as we move towards the chorus, when we’re finally hit with the words “I am the enchantress of sound”. The following lyrics are those of unapologetic empowerment as Ornate continues to declare and celebrate her own power, just as we listeners should.

Following some intense guitar riffs, the second verse backs up the message before we’re quickly shown into another introspective pre-chorus. The bold chorus hits us again even harder this time as Ornate wields her vocal power.

Another bout of muscly guitar riffs shows us into the ethereal bridge. Combining airy electronic elements with higher-pitched vocals over these intense guitars creates a haunting effect that perfectly fits with the lyrics. One more chorus shows us to the end of the song, cementing Ornate’s power before the finale in the form of a definitive guitar hit.

“Enchantress of Sound” is certainly a track you won’t easily forget. The potent lyrics combined with the bold instrumentals invoke the strong image of someone rising to power, which was exactly the goal. In this track, Gabrielle Ornate has successfully taken on the title role and inspired listeners to do the same.

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