Jane N’ The Jungle Debuts Freaky New Single “Cut Me Open”


Credit: Jim Louvau

Phoenix-based rock band Jane N’ The Jungle has just released their freaky, anthemic new single “Cut Me Open”. This dark and powerful track addresses the feeling of wanting desperately to be good enough for someone. Just in time for Halloween, the band has also said “Cut Me Open” pays homage to the bride of Frankenstein, who was produced for the likes of someone else.

The track opens with lead singer Jordan White’s muffled vocals delivering a piece of the chorus before the guitars and drums kick in and we hear her voice in full force. Her unique vocal delivery adds a distinguishing twist to the song while elements of distortion further reveal the band’s personal style.

The chorus packs a powerful punch. The impassioned vocals will captivate the audience as White sings “feel like an angel / dressed like a freak / I wanna be special in your eyes”. We’re treated to an intense guitar solo before the next verse kicks in. The track continues to build before the second chorus leads into a surprisingly stripped-down bridge, with an acoustic guitar strumming and White’s vocals raw. As the pace picks back up, White’s voice remains soft, contrasting with the heavier instrumentals.

The final minute of the song is powerful as the band drives their message home. Distorted and muffled background vocals add a sense of chaos and desperation to the mix. We’re seen to the end of the track by a hard-hitting guitar solo and some last words from White before fading out. You can listen here.

It’s clear from this track that Jane N’ The Jungle are not afraid to embrace their weird. Their unique sound, showcasing both strength and vulnerability, has gained them a loyal fanbase and led them to open for bands like Saving Abel, Escape the Fate, and more. With their one-of-a-kind blend of rock, metal, and punk along with their biting attitude, Jane N’ The Jungle has produced yet another hit.

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