Polar and LLUISA Release Heartfelt Pop Duet “Somebody New”


German indie-pop artist Polar and Austrian singer-songwriter LLUISA have just graced us with their heartfelt and emotional duet, “Somebody New”, released independently. The two musicians shared a love of music from an early age, with Polar playing in a metal band and LLUISA being influenced by her mother, a jazz singer.

They first connected over Instagram, leading to Polar being a producer on LLUISA’s debut single, “I Don’t Care”. Their musical chemistry was obvious, and lucky for us, the two continued working together. The most recent result of their collaboration is “Somebody New”. LLUISA elaborates on the experience:

“This song holds a special place in my heart, as it marks my first pop duet. Collaborating with Polar has been an incredible experience. Our voices and songwriting styles harmonized effortlessly, and I’m excited to see where our musical journey takes us next.”

“Somebody New” is a heartfelt, vulnerable track that explores the emotional complexities of relationships. Listeners who have been on both sides of the coin will relate, whether they’re afraid to open up or they’re losing patience with a partner who is. “Somebody New” shines a light on the coexistent nature of love and fear, of sorrow and romance, to create an undeniably relatable track that fans will listen to over and over. You can listen here.

Polar’s subtle yet powerful vocals starts us off as he delivers raw and honest lyrics over a dreamy soundscape. LLUISA’s voice softly harmonizes underneath as we build towards the first chorus, which is extraordinarily catchy and will have listeners singing along in no time. The second verse is where LLUISA’s soft and emotive vocals take center stage, providing us with perspective from the other side of the relationship the song refers to. Throughout the rest of the track, Polar and LLUISA’s vocals blend seamlessly to create an addicting and captivating listening experience.

Polar and LLUISA are a powerful pop duo, and we sure hope they continue to make magic together in the future.

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