The Story So Far Drops Energetic New Single “All This Time”


California pop punkers The Story So Far released their newest single “All This Time” last week. While their last few releases have been a bit softer than their typical style, this dynamic track will stand out to longtime fans of the band. It will also be the opener of their upcoming album I Want To Disappear, due out June 21 via Pure Noise Records.

The track starts with a catchy guitar riff and lead singer Parker Cannon wastes no time coming in with his energetic vocals. The first verse describes the anticipation, or perhaps dread, of an issue with another person and a coming change.

The chorus immediately follows, starting with the raw lyrics “so just say you want out / and we can stop all this pain now”. Cannon urges this person to just admit that they want things to end so they can both be at peace instead of stuck in limbo.

The second verse kicks up the energy a bit with the addition of some punchy drums and a driving bass rhythm. The vocals pick up the pace as Cannon describes the chaos and pain that seem to bleed from this person.

We see an addition to the following chorus as Cannon sings “because you said you wanted out / but there’s still so much pain now” and he wonders how he can cope. The listener is left to ponder these ideas during a short instrumental break. The bridge explodes in with Cannon admitting “I think of you every day” and wondering if there’s a better way to handle everything.

Instead of heading back into a chorus, the repetition of the bridge carries us to the end of the song as the band emphasizes these emotions. After Cannon sings his final word, ambient guitars continue to fade to the end.

“All This Time” is a punchy anthem that will make fans both new and old even more excited for the drop of The Story So Far’s fifth album, I Want To Disappear, out next month. We certainly can’t wait to hear it.

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