Chloe Star has found where she belongs on “Happy Place”


Last year at this time, Chloe Star had yet to make her debut. The rising alt-pop artist or “modern day rockstar,” as mentioned in the press, was busy finding her sound and exploring who she was as an artist. During her formative years, Chloe turned to songwriting and singing, using music as a way to escape her rocky home life. Tapping into a defiant, genre-blending style, Chloe was able to make her debut in January of 2023 with “Element.” She then followed up the release in March with “Straight Girls.” Both tracks were edgy, shameless, and empowering, promoting her confident style and efforts to inspire women everywhere. She then went on to gain support from notable outlets like EUPHORIA. and EARMILK, and fans from all over.

In October, Chloe released the first in a trilogy of personal tracks. This single, “Fool,” touched on a relationship that was breaking, her words describing a toxic situation. The next single, “Found My Peace,” focused on Chloe getting over the heartbreak and coming back stronger than ever. The third and final single of the trilogy, “Happy Place,” finds Chloe owning her life and celebrating where she is now.

With “Happy Place,” Chloe gives us an unapologetic alt-rock anthem. It’s thrashy and messy, the dramatic downbeats and gritty production setting the mood for a good time. With her cool vocals, Chloe describes the freedom she has found in being herself, singing, “They told me sell my soul / I say go fuck yourself” and “I go crazy with the colors when I decompress.” She doesn’t care what you think of her because she is truly happy, and that is all that matters.

Giving us a short summary of “Happy Place,” Chloe shares,

“It’s about that feeling of relief that you experience when you finally get comfortable being on your own. That’s ‘Happy Place.’”

You can listen to “Happy Place” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Chloe Star: Instagram // TikTok // YouTube // Linktree

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