Chloe Star explores her sexuality on “Straight Girls”


We were introduced to singer and songwriter Chloe Star last month when she released her debut single, “Element.” An empowering anthem with smooth beats and slick lyrics, “Element” set the bar high for the Persian-Native American artist and made fans want to continue on this ride with her. To survive such a ride and make it in the industry, you must possess the confidence Chloe flaunts on the track. You also have to be vulnerable and open up at times, which is exactly what she does on her follow-up single, “Straight Girls.”

With chill vibes, R&B undertones, and melodic rap stylings, “Straight Girls” is nearly a 180 from “Element.” Chloe establishes more of an intimate vibe here with lighter electropop vocals and personal lyrics that touch on her dating life. Over trap-inspired beats, she sings, “I like the way you turn around and you smile so cute / And the way you stop time when you step into the room / With your skin on mine and it feels so smooth / Left your lipstick stains on my neck tattoo” before sharing, “Yeah I only wanna date straight girls.” You can check it out below.

About “Straight Girls,” Chloe Star shares,

“The song is about exploring my own sexuality. I don’t know what it is, but I always find myself dating quote on quote straight girls.”

You can listen to “Straight Girls” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Chloe Star:  Instagram // TikTok // YouTube


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