laye hopes her ex is “unhappier”


laye has decided to be honest about breakups– especially the ones that don’t conclude in the most amicable terms. Through her signature dark, indie rock break-up anthem, laye sings about parting ways with someone while harboring no wishes for their well-being in her newest single, “unhappier”.

The new song tells the tale of a newly broken relationship in which the split was not entirely civil, and the protagonist doesn’t want her ex to be doing fine. laye explores the universal experiences of jealousy and unhappiness upon the end of a relationship. She uses lyrics such as “How could she compare to what we had” and “When sparks fly, I hope it burns” to explore the vulnerability and lingering pain felt. The chorus repeats, “I hope you’re unhappier” to show a distaste for the opposing party of the broken relationship.

The accompanying music video complements laye’s darker aesthetic and tone, as it’s set in a foggy, eerie forest. The visuals enhance the sober tone and the ominousness of wishing someone was “unhappier” after a breakup. As laye falls into a puddle and becomes covered in mud, the viewers are immersed in the emotional journey of the song.

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