sunnythedou looks for a “role model” in new single


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After years of touring and being part of various bands, Grammy-nominated artists Melodie Wagner and Ben Tan have joined forces to create sunnytheduo.

The Australian pop duo’s latest release “role model” delves into themes of needing to escape reality when in less-than-ideal life situations. The song opens up saying, “Daddy’s got a broken heart / Mommy drinks and online shops / Searching for a happy place.” The duo states that the way they get through tense periods of life is “through music” therefore creating a track that resonates with listeners on an emotional level. Certain lines in the song also invite listeners to find solace in the power of music saying, “Spin my favorite record / I’m escaping.”

Although dealing with hardships and speaking on the need to occasionally escape reality, sunnytheduo has a band motto, “All our worst songs happened on rainy days, so here are the sunny ones.” Although the lyrics might allude to a sadder song, sunnytheduo keeps it upbeat with an indie rock sound and a musical track that is perfect for the sunny days. This motto sets the tone for their creative endeavors together, stating their commitment to creating enjoyable and meaningful music.

The music video for “role model” showcases the duo inside a studio. Opening with a fisheye lens, the video immediately provides a unique and immersive visual experience. As the video continues to unfold, there is an interplay between the two artists as Ben plays the guitar and other various instruments while Melodie sings and dances around with the microphone.

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