Maggie Glassman tackles topic of unsatisfactory boyfriends with “congratulations”


In the new catchy pop single “congratulations“, Maggie Glassman addresses a close friend who has recently ended a relationship with a boyfriend that their circle of friends strongly disproved of. With strong vocals partnered with an intense bass track behind it, Glassman says that they can “cry about it”, “smoke about it”, or “talk about it” but the underlying message is Glassman celebrating the end of the relationship, with the climax of the chorus saying, “Congratulations, you’re done / now we can finally have fun”.

Glassman’s utter distaste for the boyfriend and belief that her friend is better off without him becomes increasingly apparent as the song continues. Glassman weaves in lyrics that say, “We can smile because we know we’re better off without it” and “Lost my bitch there for a second / but you’re back now / a fucking legend.”

This isn’t the first time Glassman has tackled the topic of unsatisfactory boyfriends in her music. Her previous single, released in February 2022, titled “Eenie Meenie,” explores similar themes, focusing on a partner prone to infidelity. The chorus playfully chants, “Eenie meenie miny mo, catch a cheater with a hoe.”

With “congratulations”, Glassman delivered another empowering anthem, showcasing her ability to create relatable and catchy music while celebrating female solidarity.

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