Media House speaks on their “Waistline” in new single


Seattle-based band Media House delivers a new single “Waistline” as the fifth track on their latest album “Modern Museum” released on July 14, 2023.

The introspective song delves deep into the life of an individual teetering on the edge of society and grappling with the idea of being on the “razor’s edge” as the band describes it. When any wrong move would result in injury, the individual must be extremely cautious about the next steps taken while navigating their life.

Within the context of the entire “Modern Museum” album, “Waistline” serves as a representation of the rock bottom of an individual’s life. The song narrates the story of someone dependent on regular drinking, confessing, “Take down the bottle / I need it today / I need it tomorrow”. The band also claims that they can keep the overdrinking a secret and “Hide it on the waistline.”

By showcasing this low chapter in the character’s life, “Waistline” helps to contribute to the overall narrative coherence and emotional impact of the album as a whole.

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