Stathi explores self-reflection in new single, “Make Sense, Make Amends”


After releasing “Her Memoir” in October 2020, Stathi returns with a new song, “Make Sense, Make Amends,” a collaboration with the artist’s producer, and friend, Emmett Folger.

The title, “Make Sense, Make Amends” fully encompasses the main ideas of the singer-songwriter’s new single. Stathi states that he wanted the lyrics to explore themes of, “self-reflection, hard truths, and ultimately, forgiveness.”

The track starts off slow and quiet before picking up the pace a bit more within the first minute. Although the music speeds up to a catchy beat and Stathi’s voice gains strength, it still keeps an overall easygoing essence. The musical track helps to accomplish the goals of expressing hard-hitting topics throughout the song.

Check out “Make Sense, Make Amends” below:

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