Daniel Lerner explores heartache turning physical “Kneecapped”


Released July 21, Daniel Lerner’s latest EP “Good Game!” invites listeners to confront the profound connection between mental and physical anguish. Through a collection of five songs, each named after a fight move or feeling of physical harm, Lerner poses and explores the question, “Can emotional heartbreak feel physical?”

Among the tracks, Lerner’s newest single “Kneecapped” delves deeply into the transformation of heartbreak and physical pain. The song narrates the aftermath of a relationship that ended on bitter terms, with Lerner asking “I’m not going to see you again, am I?” in the opening lines of the song. The lyrics continue to paint a vivid image of emotional distress manifesting as physical comfort as he sings, “And now I’m kneecapped / God smacked / Hardly adjusted to the contact.”

During the five tracks on his new EP, Lerner vulnerably lays out the enormity of heartbreak and its ability to leave a lasting impact on both the mind and body.

Listen to “Kneecapped” on your favorite steaming platform, now.

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