Kaleah Lee talks feeling “Anchored” in her new single


If you’re getting ready to make a big leap away from home, don’t listen to this song in a crowded room.

The emotional track “Anchored” by Kaleah Lee documents the struggles everyone feels as they are nearing a big change in their lives. Scared to leave the familiar, but also fearful to settle in the town she has spent her whole life in, Kaleah references going from riding her bike down the street, to driving a car down the same street.

“Anchored” comes after another single Kaleah released earlier this year, “Heavy Handed”. The two songs share the theme of contemplating the harrowing inner thoughts of someone growing up. While both tracks come off as somewhat soft, with only a guitar complimenting her lyrics, the two songs carry heavy messages in a simplistic way.

Check out ‘Anchored’ below:

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