Moon Walker gets listeners on the edge of their seats with new single “Apocalypticism”


Most honest music lovers would dread the idea of Artificial Intelligence interfering with the creativity of active songwriters and musicians. With such technological developments threatening the livelihood of such career paths as screenwriting and journalism, it is no wonder that trailblazing artists like Moon Walker are tackling such topics in their newest releases.

Take “Apocalypticism,” for example. The new single from their forthcoming album of the same title has just been released, and delves into the dystopian undertones that are present in much of today’s headlines. The interpretation of the song’s meaning is generally up to the listener’s discretion – according to the artist – but with such events as the Earth’s hottest recorded temperatures, former presidents’ criminal charges, and prolonged effects of the pandemic on society, there is no shortage of applicable inspiration.

“I think, depending on your outlook.” Moon Walker said. “The record will either feel like a very timely and honest assessment of the times we’re living through or like a dystopian, sci-fi fantasy record with no tie to reality in any way.”

There is almost a whimsicality to the single that draws sonic similarities to Panic! At the Disco’s 2016 album Death of a Bachelor. The inclusion of monotone layered harmonies, that slowly become more intense and passionate, could be compared to “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Additionally, the two songs respectively contain unique relationships between the drum and guitar tracks that drag the piece forward in a manner that stirs up intentional discomfort.

One thing is for certain: Moon Walker will not let you kick back and relax as the world falls apart.

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