laye releases sophomore EP ‘losers’ featuring alt-pop anthem “backseat driver”


We were first introduced to laye’s signature dystopian pop style when she emerged onto the scene in 2018 with a collection of singles. These singles quickly made her an artist to keep up with as she moved closer and closer to the release of her debut album, lonesome, in 2019. laye now has over 24 million streams worldwide and notable mentions from the likes of Ones To Watch, Paper Magazine, and Grimy Goods. Fans have been obsessed with the singles she released this year, like “Unhappier” and “touching myself,” which presented listeners with an edgier, more mature style. This style can now be heard in full on laye’s sophomore EP, losers, which features “Unhappier,” “touching myself,” the two other previously released singles “blue” and “you’re my achilles heel,” and four new additions such as “backseat driver.”

A powerful closing song on the EP, “backseat driver” settles on the idea of taking a backseat to your life. Over moody electric guitar and some light beats, laye wistfully reflects, “Go where I’m told to / I shouldn’t fall as much as I do / I’m a backseat driver / Never been in control / I’m a lone survivor / Living with my eyes closed.” It kicks up at the end with drums and more guitar, but laye’s vocals stay down and contemplative. In the end, it connects with the other tracks on the EP, in that it has its gentle side and its louder, more agitated side. We feel the need to have a private moment to cry, along with the need to get up and lose control. You can check it out in the visualizer below.

Telling us more about losers, laye explains,

“’losers’ was formed when I found myself at a standstill. The majority of the EP was written at a time when I was losing: losing at love, losing at life, and losing myself. To me, ‘losers’ feels like the early-2000s Tumblr era. These are songs that would have made me lock myself in my room to cry, dance, and maybe sneak a cigarette. They’re songs to lose yourself in.”

You can listen to losers on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with laye: Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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