Alix Page Stuns Chicago Audience during her ‘Hatchlings Tour’


Alix Performing in L.A.: May 8th

21-year old singer-songwriter Alix Page is currently embarking on her first U.S. tour. As a SoCal native, her first headline performance was at Schubas Tavern. Schubas is a smaller and more intimate venue which fosters fan-to-artist connections. After opening for Gracie Abrams during her European run of the ‘This is What it Feels Like’ tour, Page has gained enough recognition to finally start her own headlining tour. Page is touring her newest EP ‘Goose’ in ‘The Hatchlings Tour’ with her opener Kristiane. 

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As soon as Alix makes it through the side door, the voices of screaming fans take hold. Page opens her set with ‘Automatic.’ The floor of the venue absorbs a heavy drone from the electric guitar while uplifting Page’s delicate vibrato. Fans echo the lyrics ‘The first day that we met/At your place, what a shame/This always happens, its automatic’ back to Page as she blushes in excitement. Page takes fans on the emotional rollercoaster of her life,  playing everything from the first song she ever released to the songs on her most recent EP.

Page has the ability to word-paint various scenes of her life and give any listener a concrete description of where she is in the present moment. In her 2021 single, she laments about dreaming of a funeral: “Last night I dreamt that we were older/Painting the living room white/You were dressed up for a funeral/And trying to start a fight.” The image of a funeral evokes a long lost sadness, forcing a listener to wonder what’s next for this failed relationship. Each of her songs takes a close focus on the fragility of youth and how this continues to shape other coming of age stories. 

Near the end of the show, Page even waved one lucky fan’s pride flag as she smiled with excitement. Fans continue to adorn her with flowers and other little handmade gifts as she graciously accepts them. Alix has successfully carved out a name for herself during her first headline tour and will continue to soar as her popularity grows.  

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