Sam MacPherson signs with Elektra Records and releases emotional new single, “Backseat (All I Got)”


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Sam MacPherson offers an infectious sound that is only lifted by the wonderful harmonies and lyricism that he brings to the game. His most recent signing delivers this in its entirety. On September 16th, MacPherson signed a record deal with Elektra Records and released his first single “Backseat (All I Got).” He also wanted to incorporate the company Group Projects in this process. Group Projects is a record label, publisher, and artist relations firm that corrals artists from all over the United States and represents singers, songwriters, and music professionals. MacPherson’s signing to Elektra and Group Project will begin a new chapter in Group Projects, paving the way for more young creatives to make their mark. In the past, he has collaborated with Normani and Christian French. Besides being a sought-after artist, he is a very sought-after asset for his songwriting abilities. Both Jonah Kagan and Stephen Sanchez, two newly recognizable names in the industry, have said they want to collaborate with MacPherson as well. Hailing from New Jersey, MacPherson grew up listening to iconic musicians like Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder with his songwriter father. He was largely influenced by his family but ends up forging his own path as a musician.

Album art for Backseat (All I Got)

His fluid lyricism and warm guitar have the ability to captivate any listener. MacPherson’s sound is delicate: Delicate yet fierce. He paints vivid pictures for his listeners and captures feelings and moments that aren’t usually captured in music. Atwood Magazine calls his lyrics “cinema-graphic.” In his songs, MacPherson put his heart on a silver platter, truly wearing his heart on his sleeve. Sam shines in the limelight as he takes the art of storytelling very seriously. In an interview with Elektra Records, MacPherson says he likes to “write from inside of the moment.” He twists the norms of pop music in order to stress and emphasize the visceral storytelling of this genre. He does not want to simply scale the surface of his music, but instead, he says this: “I want you to feel like you’re inside of my songs with me.”

Anyone who has listened to a Sam MacPherson song will understand he has achieved this goal. His audience will be reliving powerful and cathartic experiences throughout MacPherson’s life. MacPherson sucks his audience and fans into the spinning vortex of emotions that accompany his life experiences. The beginning guitar playing in his TikTok-viral song “Last Minute” sounds as if you are being teleported into MacPherson’s reality. His most recent release, “Backseat (All I Got),” delves into a failed romantic relationship that has no hope of being saved. He calls out the elephant in the room. The lyric, “Nobody breaks up in the backseat” emphasizes the desperation felt by MacPherson during this moment in time. The background vocals on this single are also incredibly poignant and crisp, allowing a listener to be immersed in a full aural experience of sadness.

This relationship is also described as “dangerously patient,” in its bridge, showing this is a hopeless case. In many relationships, confessing feelings of heartbreak are a lot harder than confessing feelings of love. This is a feeling that many people can relate to, which can cause dangerous levels of introspection. The inevitability of closure that is involving a failing relationship is a very niche feeling, which MacPherson manages to capture with eloquence and ease. Cooper Anstett, one of the founders of Group Projects, describes Sam as having an ability to “ tell stories we’ve all experienced in new and unique ways.” Anstett also says that MacPherson has an “unparalleled work ethic and a drive to share his music with the world.” In the fall, he is scheduled to go on tour with Jake Scott, from Elektra Records, and The Brook & The Bluff. This is just the beginning for MacPherson as he plans to release a lot more new music in the future.

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