Allegra Neve Captures Feelings of Social Anxiety in new single “Rewind”


Brisbane Native, Allegra Neve, just released her newest single titled “Rewind,” which dives into all of her fears related to social anxiety. Right off the bat, the beginning of the song has mysterious whispers accompanied by heavy electric guitar, already setting a dark mood for the listener. Her vocals are drowned out by other drum and synth beats. Allegra’s vocals are also breathy and soft, juxtaposing the hard guitar and drums for the rest of the song. 

 In the chorus, Allegra sings “I feel like I’m out of time/Running like I’m on rewind.” When people experience bouts of anxiety or panic attacks, it can often feel like their sense of time is distorted. Sensory overload often takes a hold with a sense of dissociation and lack of control.

Allegra Neve seamlessly captures these sensations by wrapping the listener in a vortex of sound. Neve also makes it clear that she struggles a lot with how people perceive her through internal and intrusive thoughts, singing, “I feel so worthless for all that it’s worth.” Her thoughtful lyrics and catchy melody makes the song engaging for her audience. She allows listener to take a glimpse into the warped atmosphere that social anxiety can cause. 

“Rewind” is a spellbinding release that will definitely give Allegra Neve some status in the ever-evolving world of pop! 

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