Interview: Isabel Pless Reflects on her Life and on Criticism in her Newest Single “Little Life”


Isabel Pless will be released her next single Little Lies,” today in preparation for the release of her upcoming EP “Spam Calls.” Pless has been anticipating this release since she put some of the lyrics of this song on Tik Tok. Following the success of her other single “Spam Calls,” Pless is eager to confess her feelings to the world! She was a joy to speak to, each of her answers having incredibly thoughtful and eloquent responses. She has definitely managed to gain a perspective on how her life and craft have been shaped by the extensive time immersed in the songwriting world.

Photo from Isabel’s Instagram

She currently has over 100k followers on Tik Tok, which marks a milestone in her music career.

Hi Isabel! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and Melodic Magazine.

“Thank you for calling me!”

You started writing music at age 12. How would you describe your style of music and how has this style changed over time?

“Yeah, well, it is wild. I’ve been doing this for ten years, It did turn into a way for me to process my emotions. I would describe my music as very confessional, It’s a way to better understand yourself.”

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written?

“Bechdel Test” brought me amazing things, but “Little Life” is probably the most cathartic. “Little Life” felt really cathartic. It feels so good when you’re able to bring justice to the feelings you have and need to confess. It’s very rewarding.”

You grew up in Jericho, Vermont. How did growing up in Vermont affect your own style of writing and vibe as a musician? 

“I remember feeling very understood. You mentioned Noah Kahan, who is from Vermont, and his music is exactly what Vermot feels like. It (Vermot) is very isolating and it gives me material to work with. Vermont also fosters my music, giving me time and space to reflect on life, while grounding me as a place that I consider my home. If you ever get the chance to go to Vermot, you should definitely go. I also worked in a bookstore for three years, so this definitely impacted my songwriting style.”

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations right now? 

“Mostly Vermont Aritsts and their vibes as well as Henry Jamison, Lizzy McAlpine, Jensen McRae and Madi Diaz.”

We (Melodic Magazine) has been keeping up with your music for a while now. I first discovered you with your song “Bechdel Test.” What is your new single, “Little Life” about?

“It started when I got a really mean comment on one of my YouTube videos, This one was mean for no reason, really gross. Criticism is part of life, but it sucks. I went to my room and I wrote the song basically in full and then I went to bed! You don’t hav to forgive everyone who has been a jerk to you. Not everyone deserves your forgiveness and people don’t love it when women get mad.”

What is your songwriting process like? Do you usually come up with the lyrics or the melody first? 

“It depends. It’s always words first. I’ll start with a first verse and then write through a chorus and then I’ll let it sit. Sometimes you just need to walk away, and then everything will come to you.” 

From looking at your Instagram, I have observed that you have picked up a habit of crocheting hats. I love seeing all the different creations you have made to prepare for this tour!

“Hats are so easy! Handmade merch is one of the coolest things an artist can do.” 

What sparked your love of crocheting?

“I would see Tik Tok videos all the time of people making things, I picked it up when I got COVID in June of 2022. There is something so fulfilling about having something made with your own two hands.” 

What is your typical tour day like? 

“It’s gonna be a lot of time in the van and I’ll probably be crocheting hats!”

Favorite memory from this past mini East Coast tour?

“We went to the Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore.”

What are you most looking forward to about touring with Henry Jamison and Donovan Woods? What valuable things are you hoping to learn as an emerging indie-folk artist? 

“I’m just really excited to see their sets every night. I’m looking forward to see how I do on the road, I don’t know! It’s gonna be really tiring and taxing, but I’m excited. I’m also looking forward to meeting people, that’s the biggest thing. Sometimes, like, “I don’t really know what I’m doing!”

Isabel Pless will be going on tour and opening for Henry Jamison and Donovan Woods on The Husbandry Tour during the months of Apri and May.

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