Joshua Radin writes for those he loves in “This One’s For”


Joshua Radin’s newest single, “This One’s For,” is a sentimental message to the special people in his life. Radin is a veteran songwriter, who has shared the spotlight with Ed Sheeran, Sheryl Crow, Sara Barellis, and The Script. His song “Winter” was featured in the hit tv show “Scrubs.”

He is a traveler by nature, a troubadour that is always on the road. This song is an expression of the genuine love and compassion he has for those he holds dear inspired by one cinematic night in Ireland. He writes this song as an intricate love letter, expressing the monumental impacts that his family and friends had on him.

“This One’s For” is deeply inspired by a trip to Dublin that Radin had on tour. After his performance in Dublin, a big group of locals decided to take him to a famous pub to get drinks. There, he was introduced to the concept of a “lock in.” In these “lock-ins,” pubs have to close their doors and not accept any more customers. Lucky ones have the opportunity to stay after close and get more drinks. 

Radin was fortunate enough to have this experience: “After the pub closed, I was introduced to the concept of a “lock-in, when the bar legally must close, so they lock the doors, but they keep serving drinks for those lucky enough to have been invited to stay and hang.” Radin recalls. “We passed my guitar all night, playing songs. It was the first time I had ever played for people without a microphone, and I was forced to sing loudly, strum loudly, belt with a voice I never knew I had.” He describes this moment as “seminal,” and greatly impacting the way that he continues to write. Radin felt like he was at home again, singing familiar tunes with friends and family.

Distant whispers of conversation, reminiscent of those had in the “lock in” can be heard in the background of soft acoustic plucking. He wants to have drinks in his favorite pub and have conversations that could last a lifetime.  Radin describes the instant connections and fast-forming bonds with his loved ones by singing: “This one’s for the people who see/ The world a bit differently/I always knew I was much more like you/And there was something about you that’s me.” Letting someone become a part of who you are as a person is what marks a seminal relationship. Radin’s poignant singing voice tells the story of his closest relationships and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Throughout 2022, Radin spent lots of time on the road, only bringing his essentials. Traveling lightly brings more focus to a meaningful life. For Radin, this means a life full of writing songs for those he holds dear. He wants to truly live in the moment instead of linger on the sidelines.“This One’s For” captures true evidence of living through embracing the present moment and through cherishing our most valuable relationships. 

Radin is slated to celebrate this single and his new EP “Though the World will Tell Me So, ” going on a European tour in April.

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