The Darcys have nowhere left to hide on “Trouble Found Me”


Always altering their sound and reinventing their image, The Darcys have more than enough practice in keeping things fresh. Over the past ten years, they have maintained a strong presence in the alt-rock world, receiving praise for their five studio albums from outlets like SPIN, American Songwriter, and Esquire, amassing over 25 million streams, and earning notable award nominations. Their breakout singles over the past couple years alone have done well to set them up for further success, 2021’s “Running For The Hills” and 2022’s “Washed Away” receiving impressions of over 42 million. With their upcoming EP due out in the fall of this year, The Darcys are continuing to make waves with the mischievous “Trouble Found Me.”

A dynamic alt-rock anthem, “Trouble Found Me” is all about surrendering to conflict. Featuring isolated riffs, prominent stop-go rhythms, and mellow indie vocals that bend and dip in all the right places, the single captures the idea of losing yourself among the chaos and destruction. We hear “Trouble found me / Trouble found me again / Pull me back in / It’s what I was / Looking for / I guess I could / Use some more,” alluding to the impossible task of not only hiding from trouble but trying to resist it as well. You can check it out below.

About “Trouble Found Me,” The Darcys share,

“Last year, we were reminded what a holy place a live show can be, and we wanted to capture that energy on our new record. We were writing a lot, but it wasn’t until we cut ‘Trouble Found Me’ that we felt we had found a new and exciting voice for our project. You can hear the shift: the distortion is up, the guitars are loud, and the drums are vibrant. Of course, ‘Trouble Found Me’ is covered with studio magic, but it’s full of energy and designed to be played live. We wanted this song to set a tone and to pull you in. It’s bold, it’s loud, and it’s meant to hit you right between your eyes.”

You can listen to “Trouble Found Me” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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