The Darcys try not to get “Washed Away” on new single


When Canadian alt-rock duo The Darcys released “Running For The Hills” in October of last year, its attractive melodies and feisty energy were undeniable.  So undeniable, in fact, that the track became The Darcys’ highest charting radio single to date.  The success of “Running For The Hills” indicates that the duo are on the right path when it comes to their upcoming EP and the new era that the project will establish.  Ahead of its anticipated fall release, however, The Darcys are excited to release the project’s latest single, “Washed Away.”

As “Washed Away” is about doing what is necessary to stay relevant, uses a spunky bass rift and driving rhythms to keep afloat.  Throughout the single, The Darcys touch on the pressure they face to keep their fans engaged and to keep their music alive, making references to high expectations and steep falls.  The track can be summarized in the zesty choruses, when we hear, “Everyone has got their hands up, but they’re waving goodbye.”  You can check it out below.

Elaborating on the track, The Darcys share,

“’Washed Away’ is about trying to keep your head above water.  The expectation for new music and endless content means sink or swim for artists like us.  If you’re not always generating, releasing, and growing, it’s easy to feel like you’ll quickly be forgotten.  The pattern is nothing new; when we try to meet every expectation of our band, our mental health suffers, we burn out, and it’s difficult to find our way back to the surface.  We wanted to confront and acknowledge this toxic cycle as a first step to bettering our complicated relationship with creativity.  Turning these feelings into a song was extremely rewarding and you can hear that when the bridge offers the listener a little bit of hope in the form of a lifeline.”

You can listen to “Washed Away” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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