Weekly Roundup: November 21


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Don’t Want You To Know” – Neal Francis
“This EP is composed of ‘leftover’ tracks from his album In Plain Sight and were recorded at his DIY studio The Parsonage. Of the record, Neal says, ‘I knew this was my last chance to slap Sentimental Garbage on a record jacket, the thought of which always brought me great joy. It also works because this record is compiled of bittersweet scraps. I guess we could have also titled the record Burnt Ends.’”
– Carrine Hen


2. “Let Yourself Free” – Fitz and The Tantrums
“The highly anticipated fifth album from Fitz and The Tantrums is invigorating and will have you shaking your moneymaker. Upbeat and filled with good intentions, the single ‘Let Yourself Free’ is an energetic invitation for the world to live their daydreams, break out of the box, and live life on your own terms.”
– Andrea Garman


3.  “Hate You” – Jordi
“A piano-based pop ballad, ‘Hate You’ touches on the lingering feelings Jordi still has for an ex.”
– Christine Sloman


4. “So Much Wine” – Phoebe Bridgers
“‘Tis the season to be melancholy! Phoebe Bridgers has released her annual Christmas cover. (Previous covers include ‘7 O’Clock News / Silent Night’ and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’) This year, she’s gifted listeners her version of the Handsome Family’s ‘So Much Wine.'”
– Lexi Whitney


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Neal Francis – “Don’t Want You To Know”
2. Olivia O’Brien – “Never Be The One”
3. Jules Paymer- “Blood”
4.. Honey Revenge – “Rerun”
5. Fitz and The Tantrums – “Let Yourself Free”
6. Aiida – “You Need To Leave”
7. Buffalo Rose – “Machine Man”
8. Kalina Tyne – “Phoebe & Elliott”
9. daddi – “Ice Cold”
10. Jordi – “Hate You”
11. Hank – “Call Me Hank”
12. Borgeous – “Ruin LA”
13. BEACH BLUE – “Turn Around”
14. The Rocket Summer – “M4U”
15. Phoebe Bridgers – “So Much Wine”
16. Melissa Lamm – “Yours”
17. City and Colour – “Meant to Be”
18. Dermot Kennedy- “Any Love”
19. The Wombats – “Is This What It Feels Like to Feel Like This?”
20. Wild Rivers ft. Cabu – “Long Time – Cabu Remix”


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