Weekly Roundup: June 27


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to. This week we have songs about crushing on your space camp instructor and various nods to The Cure.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Space Camp” – Poster Child
I can count on one hand the songs I know are about space camp (Fall Out Boy’s “Homesick at Space Camp” is pretty much the only one), but it’s even less often (or ever) that you hear a single about having a crush on an instructor at space camp. That reason alone was almost enough for me to want to include Poster Child’s latest groovy track on our Weekly Roundup, but it’s a bonus that it’s a pleasant listen that goes down smooth.


2. “LIQUID COURAGE” – Amber Ryann
The distorted effect on Amber Ryann’s vocal in “LIQUID COURAGE” got our attention, but the banger chorus is what held it. Hitting right before the 1 minute mark (52 seconds in, to be exact) this is dark pop at its best. It’s the kind of song that we can envision both dancing to in the club and jamming to in the car.


3.  “pictures of you” – runninghowling
By pure coincidence we have two songs on the playlist this week that share song titles with The Cure (“Boys Don’t Cry” and “Pictures of You”), but the sounds of these songs couldn’t be more different than the renowned goth band. Poppy and catchy, runninghowling’s “pictures of you” has more in common with The 1975 than does it does with Robert Smith, but we’re digging it regardless. (Though we’re guessing that runninghowling does, in fact, like The Cure, because the artist’s profile photo features a t-shirt sporting a familiar face.)


4. “The Damn Thing is Cursed” – Pretty Bitter
The entire time I listened to the latest single from Pretty Bitter I was trying to put my finger on what the song reminded me of, but I couldn’t quite place it. The vocals were reminiscent of Sheena Ozella from Lemuria, while the music mixes elements of pop-punk, shoegaze, and pop. I can equally hear qualities of Motion City Soundtrack, My Bloody Valentine, and Olivia Rodrigo. In short: this song makes for a fun and familiar, yet unique, listen.


5. “Echo” – Lévie
A spoken word story about Lévie’s SO asking for a song to be written about her introduces his latest single, “Echo.” He answers her with, “girl, chill out, I’m depressed, I haven’t written in a song in, like, 6 months” before flipping the script and professing his love in an infectious chorus: “I know I come on a little strong/ and make it sound like its so wrong / to say I love you I love you I love you like in an echo.” What follows is a song packed with both catchy-ness and quirk, but overall: it’s a love song.


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Poster Child – “Space Camp”
2. ko aka koala – “why is everyone so scared of me”
3. Fletcher – “Her Body Is Bible”
4. MUNA – “Anything But Me”
5. Amber Ryann – “LIQUID COURAGE”
6. Estella Dawn – “Cringe”
7. Kollin Reynolds – “Chicon”
8. NTHN ft. Fletcher, James – “Traffic”
9. Rightfield ft. Jordy Purp – “Boys Don’t Cry”
10. runninghowling – “pictures of you”
11. Rkham – “Hanging On”
12. The Lovelines – “Steadily”
13. 93FEETOFSMOKE ft. guardin– “NIGHTMARE”
14. Alexander 23 – “Somebody’s Nobody”
15. Pretty Bitter– “The Damn Thing is Cursed”
16. Dove Cameron – “Breakfast”
17. Greyson Chance – “Palladium”
18. Conan Gray – “People Watching”
19. Masked Wolf ft. Alex Gaskarth – “Jenny I’m Sorry”
20. Lévie – “Echo”
21. Wolf Alice – “The Last Man On Earth”

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