Let Yourself Free with Fitz and The Tantrums


Photo by Andrea Garman

Back by popular demand, Fitz and The Tantrums had Sacramento concert goers shaking their moneymakers on Tuesday evening at the iconic Ace of Spades. With their “Let Yourself Free Tour” in full swing, the sold out show kicked off with opener Sammy Rash.

Strolling across stage to his bubbly 2022 single “24 48”, the audience sang along while lit up in a golden haze. Getting closer with the crowd, Sammy sat down at the front edge of the stage, with acoustic guitar in hand, and effortlessly covered Iyaz’s 2009 single “Replay”. A melody that was sure to get stuck in the heads of the audience, on nostalgic replay. His chill laid back presence and fresh sounds instantly connected with the audience, as good vibes filled the house. Much like the warm welcoming hues of sunrise, Sammy delivered a perfect opening set.

One by one, Fitz and The Tantrums took to the stage, slowly transforming the existing warm hues into bright and vibrant colors. Michael Fitzpatrick (Fitz) and Noelle Scaggs lively pumped up the crowd as they sang “Good Intentions” from their 2022 album, Let Yourself Free. Roaring in on the brass saxophone, James King added harmonious rays of light that flawlessly accompanied the powerful lead vocals. The audience swayed in wave like unison as the band performed “Complicated” from their 2017 album Fitz and The Tantrums (Deluxe Edition) and “Out of My League” from their 2013 album More Than Just a Dream. The visible bond between Noelle and Fitz elevates their incredible stage presence, into an energy all its own, radiant and exuding all the feels.

Sending the crowd into a dreamlike state, there is no doubt that everyone in attendance left knowing what they had just experienced was not just a dream.

The “Let Yourself Free Tour” will be soaring through North America until the end of February.

Keep up with Fitz and The Tantrums & Sammy Rash:

Fitz and The Tantrums – Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Sammy Rash – Instagram / TikTok

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