P!NK Kicks Off Trustfall Tour in the Capital of the Golden State



Photo by Andrea Garman

The Golden 1 Center glowed with bright blushing hues as Pink dazzled concert goers with a very memorable performance last week in Sacramento, California. Kicking off her Trustfall Tour in the capital of the golden state, the multi-awarded singer songwriter left her rosy lip print on the city. As the eager fans awaited entry into the venue, sunset blanketed each reflective pane with cotton candy radiance.

Opening act, Grouplove, stormed on stage with infectious energy. The rock band took to the spotlight with exuberance and unity as they blazed through each song, surrounded by cheering fans. Lead vocalist Hannah Hooper and guitarist Christian Zucconi exuded a mesmerizing connection as their visible love for one another fueled every lyric and riff, harmoniously dancing together as a captivating soundwave over the audience. The fierce duo exhibited crazy good energy as they moved amongst fogged rainbow lighting. The band performed various selections from their upbeat repertoire, including their hit song “Tongue Tied” from their 2011 album Never Trust a Happy Song and “Tryin’” from their 2023 album I Want It All Right Now. The band jammed with the rhythm as Hannah whipped her Poison Ivy red hair with each twirl, while Christian strummed through wanderlust eyes. Both completely in the moment with Cheshire like smiles, connecting with one another and the audience. From throwback bangers to fresh new sounds, Grouplove had concert goers goin’ ‘round this roundabout, oh yeah.

Photo by Andrea Garman

As the packed house waited for Pink to take the stage, fans danced to the nostalgic mixings of DJ KidCutUp. The aisles were filled with acquaintances and friends dancing with another, emitting a blended energy of togetherness and acceptance. The Trustfall logo with snarled lips adorned the top of the stage. Suddenly the venue went dark and overhead stage lighting kicked on. The audience went wild as bright lights filled in the logo lettering and the fierce red lips prepared to debut the iconic headliner. The spotlight centered on Pink, who appeared between the top and bottom lip, taking a moment to smile at roaring fans. She soaked in that moment with the crowd before performing ariel stunts, descending into a dive like motion to the stage floor. Pink kicked off the evening with “Get the Party Started” from her 2001 album M!ssunderaztood, impressing the audience with ariel acrobatics in her rhinestone and sequin pink leotard with matching bedazzled platform boots. Comin’ up and getting the party started, she launched into the air with her accompanying dancers, supporting her through every sky-high move.

Photo by Andrea Garman

Leaping to center stage, neon and technicolor lighting filled the venue as Pink began to perform “Raise Your Glass” from her 2010 album Raise Your Glass. The stage was taken over by adrenaline filled back up dancers, swift inflatable flamingo scooters, and disco ball backlighting. Pink danced down the stage runway with her rhythmic dancers, moving in unison through the flawless choreography, while enthralled fans lifted their drinks to the sky in celebration. Swiftly changing from a vibrant pink jacket to a rockstar studded leather jacket, embellished with rhinestones and spike details, Pink showed the audience a mix of her soft and edgy side. Her strong vocal range astounded concert goers as she delicately sang the intro of “Who Knew” from her 2006 album I’m Not Dead, slowly building the tempo into the emotionally fueled chorus. The energy of the evening ebbed and flowed throughout each delicate ballad and charged powerhouse hit performed.

Taking to the skies several times during her performance, with jaw dropping ariel acrobatics and skillful stunts, Pink left concert goers in complete awe of her raw talent. A true modern-day Tinkerbell, showering the audience with pink pixie dust wonder while leaving one hell of a mark in the hearts and minds of all in attendance.

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Review and photos by Andrea Garman @themusiclens.

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Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok



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