Cautious Clay brought Karma and Friends (and a lot of wind instruments) to Dallas


Last week, Cautious Clay made a stop at the historic Trees venue in Dallas as part of his 2022 Karma and Friends tour. The show – filled with jazzy saxophone solos, impeccable vocals, and flute beat-boxing – was undeniably the kind that makes you leave at the end of the night a bigger fan than you were when you got there. 

Clay, backed by an incredibly talented and versatile band, performed with a touch of timidness that was endearing and relatable. His talent on the other hand…not so relatable. 

He performed a set of nearly 20 songs from his debut album, Deadpan Love, that left the crowd mesmerized from start to finish. As if his airy, ethereal vocals met with effortless delivery were not captivating enough, Clay performed solos on just about every wind instrument bringing a true unique artistry to each of his tracks.

When fans weren’t singing along to his most popular bops like “Cold War” and “Dying in the Subtlety,” they were listening earnestly to Clay’s poetic lyrics packaged in an accessible genre bending sound that’s hard not to love.

See photos of the show below:

Photos by Natalie Perez

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