KAIRO isn’t moving on in new single ‘Over’


KAIRO is a Nigerian-born, Houston-raised pop/ r&b duo, composed of identical twin brothers Ak and Ej. The group amassed one million followers on TikTok and originally cruised onto the scene as Coverboys.  They received monumental support from taste-makers such as SirusXM’s Coffee House, where they reached top 10 alongside Omar Apollo.  According to Zane Lowe, Lizzo and Cautious Clay are fans of this amazing duo.

On September 21st the duo released the song “Over,” one of the first installments from their forthcoming EP, Return to Sender, that will be released this fall and follows the release of Love Letters from Houston, an EP that came out earlier this summer.

“Over” kicks off with mind-blowing harmonies. The track progresses with the use of groovy guitar riffs and drum beats, while Ak’s and Ej’s voices swirl together, singing lyrics that every young lover that has been through heartbreak can relate to. “You said you love me, then walkеd out the door/ I’m chasing the memoriеs, tell me why I’m not over / How you could’ve done this to me/ Dragging me under I can’t breathe/ Baby, tell me why I’m not, over you.”

KAIRO states:
“We hope ‘Over’ gives our fans a glimpse of what this next era of KAIRO is all about. Our upcoming EP, Return to Sender, picks up where we left off with our first EP Love Letters from Houston, which was more acoustic- based. We’ve turned up the energy, elevated the production, and you know we had to stack the harmonies even more.”

Watch the video for this song below and stream it on all streaming platforms now!

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